Foam Jetter Spray Nozzle Soap Former Gun

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  • 200ml Soap reservoir for soap-on-hand car cleaning
  • Universal hose connector
  • Switch between suds and water at the twist of a dial
  • Use with or without soap as needed
  • 4 water spray settings; cone, vertical, stream or foam


Foam Jetter, Foam Jetter Super Reach Hose, Foam Jetter Shampoo

Now you can enjoy the superior design, construction and technology of the complete Foam Jetter range of products, for one great-value price! the Foam Jetter nozzle has its own soap reservoir and four spray settings for a complete car wash system in your hand. The Super Reach Hose expands to three times its length and won’t snag or kink, and the Foam Jetter Shampoo will bring your car’s exterior to a showroom finish.

Foam Jetter

Foam Jetter turns your humble hosepipe into a complete car washing system thanks to a unique, built-in soap reservoir that allows you to switch from soaking with clean water, to full-power soapy cleaning suds and back to clear water, for streak-free rinsing without the need for buckets, sponges, rags or expensive jet-washers. With a universal hose connector, Foam Jetter fits right onto your existing hosepipe like any other spray head. But, with 200ml of car cleaning soap loaded in and ready to be jetted, you can now have the entire cleaning process in the palm of your hand. There’s a trigger lock so you don’t have to hold the trigger for long periods of soaking, and there’s also a flow adjustment dial so you can control the water pressure through your hose.

Foam Jetter Super Reach Hose

Foam Jetter Super Reach Hose is the amazing, flexible, expanding hose pipe that grows to nearly THREE TIMEs its original length, so you can reach the farthest corners of your garden but don’t have a massive, coiled-up hose pipe to store and pack away when you’re not using it. Garden hoses all share the same problems; being big and bulky, snagging, getting tangled up and kinks that stop the water flowing. Foam Jetter Super Reach Hose expands when you tun on the water. It starts as a small, scrunched-up, lightweight coil that fits easily on a shelf, in a drawer or hanging from a hook in your garage. But the moment you turn on the water, the Foam Jetter Super Reach Hose grows up to three times its original size! With top-quality brass connectors that will perfectly connect to your Foam Jetter spray head and nozzle, you can rest assured that there won’t be any leaks or loss of pressure. So stop wrestling with your old hose and grab an amazing expanding Foam Jetter Super Reach Hose. It’s the hose… that grows!