DIY 4 Cube Handbag Organizer

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Attractive patterned stacking cupboard that has several doors. This multi-purpose cupboard can accommodate your clothes, clothing, hats, shoes and fashion equipment. Has cupboard dividers that can be removed and installed according to your needs.
The material used to support your shoes is made of resin plastic which is easy to clean and dull.
The front of this cupboard is designed to have a window that can be opened, made from light plastic, your shoes will not be damaged by dust in this cupboard.
Your home decoration will be neat and attractive, the cupboard is non-slip and sturdy, ready to be stored anywhere in the house.


Multifunctional Cupboard Anti-Dust Bag Holder Portable Shoe Bag Box with Lid

This organizer shelf is here for those of you who have lots of things including bags and your favorite shoes but have run out of space in many rooms at home!

Many and large layers can make your items easy to accommodate and display beautifully, thereby adding to the aesthetic value of your storage space, you know.

Apart from that, the transparent door design makes it easier for us to retrieve items quickly because they can be seen from afar.

Not only that, here are some other advantages of the HUGO Anti-Dust Shoe Rack:
1.) A combination of plastic and stainless steel frame which is strong and resistant to heavy loads, such as shoes and other items
2.) Transparent and modern door panels, you can see items directly from the outside, so you can pick up items faster
3.) The concept of a sideways door, doesn’t make your neck tired when taking things
4.) Has 2 columns and 8 layers so your storage space has more options and can accommodate lots of items
5.) The number of layers that can be customized for installation, according to our needs when used and saves space

Material: Plastic resin + steel structure
Strong and sturdy material